What are you not seeing?

For those of us fortunate enough to, we open our eyes every day and the world around us comes into focus. Whatever it might be that we see in the morning – whether it be sunshine faintly filling our room behind a pulled curtain or the colors of the walls that surround us – we wake up to sight. Scientifically, sight is not so simple, but we tend to not worry about the specifics. We just rely on our eyes to do their duty every day. What is it, though, that understands what we see? When we see a smiling face, what registers it as happy? When I look at the setting sun, often so many thoughts flood into my mind. Then sometimes, there are no thoughts at all. Regardless of what my mind interprets from my sight, my eyes still take in the layers of orange and pink sky. So what about what we don’t see? That would simply be the things our mind interprets as nothing. What our minds ignore. How many sights pass through our eyes every day but yet go unseen? Now, open your eyes. Open your mind. Let yourself truly see.


One thought on “Sight

  1. I really like the message of this one: so simple but very deep. Imploring people to open their eyes and see everything the world has to offer, to open up the mind and really take it all in. This is such a beautiful sentiment conveyed so succinctly and so powerfully. Another excellent piece!


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