The Essence

Return to the essence.

It is theorized that a vast majority of our universe is empty space. According to the publication Symmetry, there’s empty space between the electrons and the nucleus which make up atoms (the building blocks to everything we see and touch). If that empty space were to be erased, a human could essentially fit into a particle of dust. The entire human race could fit in something as small as an ice cube. So what is it really that makes us who we are? Surely our existence isn’t governed by some empty space. If all we were was empty space, what a grim world it would be. I like to think what makes us human – the essence of who we really are – are our passions along with our likes, dislikes, etc. Our hopes and dreams fill that empty space until it’s over flowing with the possibility of humanity. I like to think our hearts beat every day for more than just the single reason of keeping us alive. We are meant for so much more than just taking up space with even more…..well, space. Each of us are made of unique facets that make us who we truly are. The next person who you see, look beyond the externality of what you see. Look for that essence. Look for what makes them who they really are. Maybe this will lead to a bridge between one person’s empty space with another. One soul to another.


One thought on “The Essence

  1. This is my absolute favorite one! It’s utterly beautiful, all the way through. The human connection is what makes us human, two souls bridging the divide between them to form bonds that can’t be seen, felt, or observed, but are stronger than anything else known to man. These bonds push people to act irrationally and make decisions that deny reason–it’s as you say though, these connections, these dreams, these passions–they make us perfectly, imperfect humans. Those fantastic, beautiful lines about the overflowing of possibilities of humanity with our dreams, and our hearts serving a purpose larger than life are simply perfect. I can’t find the words to express how perfect they embody your message–but I’m sure you could. A truly fantastic piece! You’ve achieved something amazing with this one!


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