“It’s often in my nature to be abstract; hidden in plain sight, or nowhere at all.” -Gerald Way

A lot of my life has been lived in the background of other people’s stories. An extra in a scene that is merely seen walking past. I’m sure I’ve been referred to as the “quiet girl” more than once. The girl who has little to say. I would not say, though, that I have little to say. Rather, I would say I am selective in what I do say. Selective in what I reveal to others about myself. Selective about what thoughts I feel are relevant. This stems from a mix of mistrust of others and doubt in the relevance of my own thoughts. I think a lot of the time people think those of us who are quiet aren’t happy or are odd because we don’t speak up. I, for one, find happiness in my silence. I’m happy to sit and observe without any of my thoughts escaping into the world around me. Im happy to learn small things about others and the world as I sit in silence. I suppose I do live in my own world to a certain extent, but my own world is a safe place where others can’t intrude. I’m unsure why silence is so often frowned upon. So many thoughts and realizations come to me in those moments where I don’t speak. I assure you that the quietest voices often have the most important things to share. Yes, I am often hidden in plain sight. I know I go unseen. I know people don’t notice me, but attention is not what I seek. I seek beauty and that’s something I can find in silence.


2 thoughts on “Hidden

  1. This is my new favorite, probably because it hits so close to home. I love the way you’ve chosen to express everything, from the doubts and insecurities, to the power that silence can have in viewing the world. Those that so often stay silent are often the same one’s that can give so much insight and perspective on things. But it’s not a shame that they don’t speak up. Perhaps if everyone else would quiet down a bit, then we could hear so much more.

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