How do you know when a storm is coming?

One evening a storm was approaching so I walked outside. Instantly I could feel the stillness in the air. As I looked up I noticed the darkening of the once bright blue sky. Thick, puffy, dark clouds began to encircle the backyard like ghosts coming to deliver a message of warning. Off in the distance a faint sound of thunder began to roll over the hills. My mind began to wonder exactly how do we tell when a storm is coming? Clearly, these are all good signs, but in real life we aren’t so lucky. A storm can sneak up with no warning. Our once seemingly perfect life suddenly becomes filled with lightening strikes and gale force winds. If only life gave us those same warning signs that nature does. Maybe then we would be spared from disaster and heartbreak. Maybe then we would have peace.


One thought on “Storm

  1. So I read this once and then read it again, and found myself liking it even more the second time. I love the imagery used to convey the message, especially the part about likening the dark clouds to little ghosts. Life is often messy and difficult. But I bet you’d say that if we totally knew what was going to happen all the time and had signs as clear as the sky life wouldn’t be quite as exciting. Still, it is unfortunate that the worst scenarios are often so heartbreaking, even when it seems the best is in front of us. Another excellent piece!

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