“As eyes are the window to the soul, each of us is looking out at life from a different window in the same house.” -Unknown

What’s outside of your window? Think of this for a moment. Every window in this house has a different view. Some views might overlap, but they are different none the less. Some may have a pristine view while others might simply have a view of an empty alley way. The view might not be the prettiest, but you are the only one that will ever see that view. No matter how ugly it may be it’s your view. Nobody else’s. Our view, consisting of our daily lives, memories, etc can never be taken by another. Sure we can share brief descriptions of that view, but nobody will ever truly see it except for you. The way we see the world around us ranging from colors to other people, is ours. The way our view brings about indescribable feelings is ours. It changes us, shapes us, makes us who we are. The view might change, some days being sunny and others being overshadowed by a storm. Some days we might not want to look at it and others we can’t look away. Sometimes the window might even get foggy or even cracked, but the lights never go out. Who’s to say what’s on the other side when we are finally let out of that house. Maybe we get to see the greatest view of all, or maybe we become the view.


6 thoughts on “Windows

  1. A beautiful sentiment. Each person lives a different, entirely unique life that is no one else’s. From the luxurious and glam to the downtrodden and less fortunate, everyone will have bad times and experiences that shape each person to be uniquely themselves. I especially like those last two lines, because they leave open a little window of dream and hope for a brighter future. Another excellent entry!

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  2. It’s so easy to think that what we see and experience is exactly the same thing that somebody else sees. We take it for granted that our impressions will be understood. So this is a good reminder that each window we look through is unique.

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  3. Your writing is amazing and this piece resonated with me. I have been through MANY ups and downs the past few years, and relate to not wanting to look out- and sometimes not being able to look away. My favorite part of this is the last two sentences, the ending is brilliant ❤

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