Like a bird trapped in a cage is how she had always felt. Her wings never able to touch the sky. By night she dreamt of blue horizons she may never see. By day she longed for freedom to fill her lungs. Day by day, night by night, her soul grew weary. She hoped someone would come along and set her free. Freeing herself seemed inconceivable. The bars of her cage – formulated by expectation, self-doubt, and fear – seemed impermeable. The endless cycle of longing and dreaming ensued day after day, until the day came that those bars evaporated and her wings soared high above the clouds. Dreams turned into reality. Longing turned into joy.


One thought on “Caged

  1. A beautifully written piece. A somber tone that leaves that optimistic tone and imagery for the end, set against a very real struggle. Keep up the amazing work and this writing will take you far!

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