Why hide from the emotion surrounding and within? Why turn a blind eye towards it, refusing to see it for what it truly is. Some avoid pain. Some avoid love. Some might even avoid happiness. Why? A broad range of emotions is what makes up the soul. Feelings are a part of who we are. The colors that make us into a rainbow. Why refuse to see all of those colors? Each with their own hue and brightness. Some bright as sunshine, others as dark as night. Each color as it’s own, adding its own uniqueness to our rainbow. Empaths, like myself, see all of those colors at full brightness. I bask in the colors and allow them to wash over me. Feeling does not make us weak. Turning a blind eye does. Feeling makes us strong. Embrace them all. Don’t be afraid. Like the seasons, they too shall fade from one into another.


One thought on “Colors

  1. It took me a bit to get to this one but once I did I had to read over it a few times. This is easily my new favorite piece. It may be a bit shorter than the rest but it is filled to the brim with creative imagery, powerful expressions and comparisons, and is absolutely overflowing with, what else, emotion! Drawing our emotions as individual colors, each with their own intensity and brightness, which, when all melded together create a rainbow that fills our souls is absolutely beautiful! You have done a fantastic job painting that picture so vividly!

    Your call to embrace our emotions, the good AND the bad, is such a genuine, human connection that many people sometimes lack or outright reject. I love the sentiment that ignoring one’s feelings and emotions is what makes one weak, rather than embracing and experiencing them without struggling against them.

    And then finally just that last line: “Like the seasons, they too shall fade from one to another”, it’s so eloquent and succinct. It so perfectly encapsulates emotions. The urge to grab on to them and not let go because the best ones–happiness, love, bliss–will eventually fade away. But so too will the worst of them–sadness, grief, regret. All of them fade eventually, melding into another. Such short-lived experiences should be embraced because, as you say, they are the colors of our souls which make us human.

    I apologize for the long comment but I really do love this one so much! Absolutely amazing work!

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