Like a thief in the night you come for her. You stow yourself away in her mind, stealing her thoughts and replacing it with your own. You tie stones around her ankles and throw her into the depths. As it becomes harder to breathe and her heart races, she hears you in her mind telling her she won’t make it to the surface. She can still feel you there, in the depths of the ocean. Holding her under as she fights to breathe another breath. The world grows dark and the last strand of hope is close to fading. As she sits surrounded by a world of black, small rays of light fade in and out. Small hands reach for the light but always fall short. No matter how far it may seem, she never stops reaching for the light.


One thought on “Drowning

  1. A powerfully restricting piece that puts the reader in the shoes of the “she” effectively. Excellent portrayal of the struggle and wonderful choice of imagery. The thought of drowning is very real and terrifying here. Amazing work!

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