Loved and Lost

Once upon a time, she fell for him faster than she could have imagined. She fell for the way he laughed, the way his eyes lit up when something excited him, the way his hair became unruly when he had a bad day, and the way he made a thousand butterflies swarm her heart. All of the words that came from his lips were as if they had came straight from a dream. He made her feel like a prize won by a child at the county fair – treasured. Her heart grew fonder by the moment. Hours felt like days. Days felt like months. Months felt like years. Within no time he was all she knew. The heart is a mysterious thing, but he had every key to unlock hers. She loved him despite anything that told her not to. All rationale thrown down a well. Better to have loved and lost, or to have never loved at all. Which is it? If you were to ask her, she would tell you that it was much better to have loved and lost, for she had never truly lost at all. With him, she grew. She became someone she didn’t know she could be. Parts of her were set free. Without him, she would not be who she is. Yes, she loved him, not only for who he was but who she would soon be. Mistakes were made and hearts were broken, but lives were not destroyed. They were created.


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