Embers Falling

With a thousand sparks within her soul, a fire was easy to start.

Not too long before, others told her anything was possible, but to her that could never be.

Now, she became overwhelmed with power as her soul began to burn with fire. Sparks grew in number, multiplying by the speed of light. Possibilities of life and dreams coming true fed the flames. Flames then ate away at years worth of doubt in her brain. Hope fell in its place as embers, only these embers never faded. They sparked new flames that in turn gave birth to new embers falling until her whole being was aflame.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, she took flight on wings of fire. Burning bright against a midnight sky illuminated by stars.


One thought on “Embers Falling

  1. Such a powerful post! The realization and pursuit of one’s dreams is a euphoric experience, and once one realizes that they can achieve their dreams and that passion comes alive it truly is a fiery, beautiful sight to behold. Amazing imagery here, especially the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Your writing will take you far with this amount of talent and passion. Another excellent entry!

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