Some billion light years away, on planets suspended within the same universe as our own, the atmosphere consists of such great pressure that rain is transformed to diamonds as it falls from the sky. This occurs due to pressure crystallizing the carbon atoms. Something as natural as rain, is so vastly different on some far away planet. Yet, diamonds are so valuable and rare here on Earth. An abundance in one place, while a scarcity in another. The same substance changes value depending upon its location. The same might be said of humans. Just because one isn’t valued where they are, does not mean they aren’t treasured elsewhere. What a terrible feeling to feel undervalued, but in once place you may be rain and in another a diamond. Never doubt that someone out there cares. Someone out there sees those sparkles of diamonds in your eyes, the value that you hold, the beauty you possess. Rain that turns into a diamond under pressure is what you are. A treasured, wondrous you.


One thought on “Diamond

  1. Two in one day, what a treat! And a piece as strong as the last. The comparison works very well, and such a compelling way to get the message across as well. It’s often easy to let other’s determine our worth, but we have to also remember that someone, somewhere treasures us. We just need to find those people that can recognize the beauty that each of us holds. A wonderful post, and a particularly beautiful picture as well. Awesome job!

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