Whippoorwill’s Song

A soul unraveling. A choice made and a regret to follow. That night lying beneath the stars, falling asleep to the sound of a whippoorwill plagues my memory. With no way to rewind, it’s a bittersweet memory that I presently live in. If I could rewrite that memory, I would return and stay there under the moonlight listening to the flow of the red river. I would climb to the top of the castle buried deep in the woods and remain there. Absorbing the light breeze like feathers on my skin and the smell of dew drops. The vast array of stars would never leave my sight. A place that exists somewhere in the world will forever also live in my heart. It’s where my soul takes refuge. When my body decays, my soul will remain there still, still listening to the song of the whippoorwill. Only then will my soul come to peace with a road never taken.


One thought on “Whippoorwill’s Song

  1. It sounds like such a mystical and wonderful place that you describe here, serene and beautiful. Though the regret of not recognizing its beauty in the moment or truly appreciating it will always live inside of you, the realization that it is with you, in your heart and memories, is some small amount of peace. I think we all have that place that we wish we could go back to and live in forever; but having the memory to soothe our souls makes that thought easier to bear. The imagery here is really nice. The wind like feathers and the smell of prestine dew, as well as the song of a whippoorwill, paints a picture just as majestic as the place I’m sure you remember. Excellent work!

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