Lily Rose

Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose by John Singer Sargent

Sweet Lily Rose became her garden’s keeper. Every day venturing out to fill her nostrils with the pleasing aroma of lilies and roses alike. Her small fingers slid across silky petals as she passed. She dreamt of growing and living in a stone made castle surrounded by a field of violet roses. She imagined running through the fields with strands of long brunette hair flowing freely behind her. Her castle would become her fortress with her as the queen of her own imaginary world. As her heart grew along with her body, Lily Rose moved onto a new path. One filled with a new dream that morphed with time. Once she returned to her once beloved garden, her mind revisited that once coveted dream. She laid down amongst fallen petals, closing her eyes, revisiting her innocence. Her heart pinged with longing to revisit a time when a small garden could become a wonderland, a place where her dreams, no matter how extravagant, would inevitably come true. As with most, her dreams were trumped by reality in adulthood. She lifted herself up off of the greenery of the ground and returned to her reality. As she ran her aged fingers through her hair, a small violet rose petal fell from it.


One thought on “Lily Rose

  1. Another piece in the strain of mystical imagery and somberness, but tinged with hope and heart throughout. I could feel myself in the garden in this one, running my hands over soft petals. And like Rose, we’ve all struggled with our fantastical dreams becoming crushed under the worries of life and adulthood. But that little reminder at the end–no matter how old we get, or what we go through, our dreams are never forgotten. Beautifully written, and one that tugs at the heart. Wonderful!

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