“Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.” -Edgar Allan Poe

For the vast majority of my life I have lived in a constant state of dreaming. I have found so much joy in thinking of the future and the endless number of possibilities it holds. My personal belief is that someone who only dreams at night misses an array of possibilities of what could be. They become complacent. Happy with the norm of life. I have always wanted more, to see more, to be more. It becomes tiring, always starving for the next new experience. My wings never spreading far enough. For a moment, I lost my desire to chase down those dreams. I became that person who lives in complacency. The drudgery of daily life eventually began to take its toll. My soul became restless when I began to only dream at night. With more time, even my dreams at night evaporated into nothingness. So desperately did I need to dream again. Then it happened, my soul became reignited. Dreams once again flooded both my conscious and unconscious mind. My heart broke free from its cell. A love lost finally returned. I hope to never become someone who simply dreams at night again. I pray that I continuously get lost in the dreams of my mind. Dreamers are beautiful souls. One can spark another, so never fear to share yours. With the mind open, dreaming while awake, one can catch those possibilities of the future and hold onto them until pure willpower brings them to life. Never fear to dream. Dreaming is what gives birth to possibility and, in many cases, reality.


2 thoughts on “Dreamer

  1. Dreaming by day and striving for what may seem impossible is the greatest thing mankind can do. No matter how far off it seems, or how many dreams we have, or how implausible they may appear, dreams can always be achieved, especially with dreamers. And though it becomes tiring and the struggle can be too much to bear sometimes–chasing dreams is really a full-time job–a dreamer can never be stopped from dreaming. There may be periods of rest. There are those unfortunate times where they are caged or stifled, made to feel as though their dreams aren’t worth the chase. But when they begin to dream once more, the world is at their fingertips, and, as you say, they make them reality. Sharing one’s dreams with the world can start a wildfire of passion and hope. An amazing, powerful piece!

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