Artist: Alexis Rakun

Under the pristine lighting of a moon as full as the night sky itself, she sat perched on a swing hovering above the waters of the sea. A small breeze was flowing through the ends of her pale blonde hair and tickling her skin. The wonders of what lie beyond her small village swam around in her mind as the fish just below her feet. It occurred to her that she had always been a big fish in a little pond, but she longed to be smaller – to disappear among a million other fish. A dream of being unknown was engraved deep in her soul. As she swayed back and forth, her small toes formed ripples in the waters. Many ripples had passed through her village, only much larger ones. She had been forced to fight many times, using her power for evil rather than good. “You are defending those you love,” they told her, only she knew it was more than that. To escape would be her only release other than certain death if she stayed. Only, she could not leave. She knew she couldn’t. Her heart belonged with her people. Cursed, she thought to herself, that is what I am. Cursed with a heart that begs to stay and a soul that longs to flee. She felt her heart grow weary as she realized what she must do. The only real option she had – stay and fight. Once the war was won, then and only then could she leave – if she escaped death, that is. As her small feline friend nuzzled her cheek she snapped back to reality. Tomorrow she would show the enemy what she was truly capable of. Tomorrow she would end this. Tomorrow she would be free.


One thought on “Cursed

  1. This is entirely different from any piece on here and it’s really interesting. Dialogue and thoughts, powers and wars; yet it still invokes that sense of dreams and trying to follow what one believes in. This felt so much more like a narrative or a book rather than the usual insights and thoughts here but it was just as masterfully written. The mysterious invoked by the use of her powers for evil rather than good and the people trying to convince her otherwise just begs to be explored and answered. Amazing work again! Can’t wait to see this expanded on more in the future!

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