Fire and Stone

Artist: Tomasz Alen Kopera

For centuries, they wandered the Earth with limbs made of stone. Their core as cold as the depths of a cave. Wandering for centuries but never found. Never released from their monolithic prison. Each day turned into night which turned into day. The sun rose but did not warm their bodies. Nights were colder than that of a northern tundra. They longed for something they did not yet know of. They longed for more than ridged, cold stone. As the centuries droned on, hope of change was evaporated like water into steam. Then, my some mere happenstance they stumbled upon one another. One firm hand reached out to another. Just alike they were. Never had their porcelain eyes met others like their own. As they touched, stone was transformed by fire into skin. Fleshy fingers intertwined and smiles spread across their faces. They were made new in one another. Stone turned to fire. Fire turned to flesh. A new beginning spread across their horizon. Free at last.


23 thoughts on “Fire and Stone

  1. A more upbeat entry, and so beautiful and heart warming too! The powerful choice of words reflecting their struggles as stone people, trapped int their near lifeless bodies eally embeds itself into the reader and makes one feel the same, cold life they’re living as well. The water evaporating into steam and the sheer amount of time really cement this hopeless feeling. Such amazing imagery on display here. You really knocked it out of the park with this one!

    But then the change at the end is so short but so hopeful. In but a moment their longtime pain and agony is transformed into happiness, fire, and light, just from a single touch from the other. And those last two lines: they are finally free, together. Amazing work! You continue to top yourself!

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