A Season for Everything

A lover of all seasons. Each just as captivating as the next with their own enchanting qualities. A feverish rush fills the air with each change. Life turning to death and life again. Various colors filling a picturesque world. An entire phase of life incapsulated by a single season. Each bringing their own holidays of joy. There is indeed a season for everything. The frigid silence of winter inevitably changes to the volcanic eruption of summer. As the seasons of our shared world change, so to will yours. Watch closely. Smell the flowers of spring. Feel the warmth of summer. Watch as the leaves of varying colors liter the ground. Embrace the silence of snow falling. Each may disappear for a short while, but they are sure to return again.


6 thoughts on “A Season for Everything

  1. A simplistic but beautiful piece. Embrace each season for they bring change and different experiences. Love the description of each season and the word choice representing not just the season but the general feelings they bring. Another awesome piece!

    P.S. love the picture chosen here too, it’s beautiful!

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