Mother Earth

Artist: Mario Sanchez

Subdue the Earth and rule over it. An ancient right taken too far. Humanities’ footprints trampling viridescent land. The chopping down of the life force of our planet and replacing it with glass towers reaching towards the sky. Trash littering the seas choking the breath out of Mother Earth. This is what the blind eye of man cannot see. Now trapped in their homes, she can breathe again. Clear waters flow and creatures return to their long abandoned homes. Life and color returns to her eyes. A plague for one species but a resurrection of another. As humanity is released from their temporary prison, let us not return to how things once were. Instead, let us help nature flourish in her beauty. Let us subdue and rule over it, but not destroy it.


19 thoughts on “Mother Earth

  1. That picture is absolutely amazing! This piece helps remind me of something: the Earth is our only home, likely the only one we’ll ever know. We have to take care of it, protect it, and care for it, so that it may do the same for us. To subdue and rule over does not mean to mistreat and abuse. Often it means to defend something when it cannot defend itself. Hopefully this time of worry and hardships reminds us of the wonderful world that we’ve been blessed with. Not to take it for granted and not to mistreat. Such a wonderful sentiment!

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    1. Thank you! I wish that more people could understand the importance of caring for the world we live in. Nature is already bouncing back due to the absence of humans. That alone should say that we haven’t been treating it as we should.

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  2. If I had a magic wand I would wave it over the earth so that the recovery the earth is showing now, while we are locked up, could be a permanent recovery. If I had that magic wand…

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  3. appreciate your words and totally blown away by the art … it’s amazing!

    Yet we don’t need to subdue or rule over our environment, we should live with it respectfully just as the first nations people did/do!

    Nice to meet you Alexis 🙂

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  4. Congratulations Alexis! For this amazing blog post, I have hereby nominated you for the Vincent Ehindero Blogging Award, please see my latest blog post for details. I look forward to reading your response to my questions upon acceptance of the award! 😀🙏

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