Serenity of the Deep

Serenity filled every fiber of her being as she approached the vast body of water that lie in front of her. She knew her soul belonged to the depths of the sea. Every moment her skin came into contact with the waves her heart felt as if she were coming home. As a child, her dreams were filled of adventuring the depths with seaweed in her hair. She placed her hand on the surface, feeling the boundary between her and the watery world below.

As her heart pounded in her chest for escape, she dove head first into the deep. Once below the surface, an immense silence surrounded her. The endless blue ahead of her was pierced by rays from the setting sun. Her sleek silhouette appeared to be suspended from strings. Limbs caressed aqua walls as her hair flowed around her small face.

As oxygen began to dissipate from her lungs, her body begged her to return to the surface. The alarm in her mind went ignored by her heart. The longer she remained there, the longer her soul was where it belonged. The alarm continued to grow louder as her heart beat faster. She knew she must go.

This place, this world, would remain in her dreams forever.


2 thoughts on “Serenity of the Deep

  1. This is such a serene, sublime narrative. The world you’ve created just under the water is beautiful and at peace. This woman’s want to stay there forever being defeated by the impossibility of the notion speaks to how powerful these places of peace that one finds are all the more sacred to those that hold them.

    Love the chosen image and the words you’ve chosen to describe the place beneath the water. Beautifully told and expressed. Another awesome job!

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