Inhale, exhale

“Life happens between an inhale and an exhale.” – Brianna Z. Nevado

Each day we breathe in and breathe out without any conscious effort. Inspiring and expiring as if our own lives do not depend on it. A momentary pause between the last inhale and the next exhale in our present. An inhale trapped in the past and an exhale yet to come – still lingering in the future. As one exhale surpasses the last, everything that occurred before becomes seemingly irrelevant. We do not contemplate those breaths that lie within the past. Our only care is that next breath. And often, we don’t even consider that. Time passes along as inhales turn into exhales. Life moves through our lungs as easily as day passes into night.

That moment in between, that is life. That is the present. With life flooding our lungs, the past no longer matters.


7 thoughts on “Inhale, exhale

  1. “An inhale trapped in the past and an exhale yet to come–still lingering in the future.” I think this is such a powerful line. This idea that we live through our breaths, as they happen and right in the moment, is true and touches to the core of how so many people live. Each experience is fleeting and short lived. Just one breath to the next. This makes them all rare and so much more valuable than we sometimes allow them to be. The smallest moments can have the greatest impacts. Breath to breath, that’s where life happens. Such a beautiful sentiment. Amazing piece! Excellently done!

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