Lowly Light

“Thou bearest in Heav’n at night / And more I admire / Thy distant fire / Than that colder, lowly light.” –Evening Star by Edgar Allen Poe

As we stare up into the night sky, immense light shines into our eyes. Where that light comes from, many of us do not know. Many do not care. They simply bask in the lowly light of night. Something beyond the light, something much more beautiful than one could comprehend, exists further away than any man can travel. Balls of fire hovering in endless black. What lies beneath the surface, what makes up their core, remains unknown. Uncharted territory and incomprehensible to the human mind. We bask in the light produced by bodies never understood. Their bodies burn bright compared to the cold light we embrace. As our eyes focus on the possibilities above, the light grows colder – less desirable. What lies above, at the core of the universe, that’s what’s burning bright. That’s what makes the night bright. What is existing below the surface is more beautiful than what only our eyes can see.


11 thoughts on “Lowly Light

  1. This is a beautiful piece with awesome imagery! I love the urging to look for something deeper beyond just the lights we see in the night sky, for something brighter that requires a deeper search of the night sky to truly appreciate it’s beauty. It’s sad though that sometimes we become numb to the little light that we do see because we become complacent and content, rather than striving for the true beauty beyond. A wonderful piece!

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