13 thoughts on “Miss Little Red

  1. Oh wow, this was great! Not that that’s surprising. This is a neat twist on the tale, one where Little Red has some fighting spirit and avenges her grandmother.

    The dark descriptions of the forest are really nice, making it seem desolate and frightening. The first encounter with the wolf is also really well done. Red’s realization that she’s met this stalker before, yet she never actually knew it is a nice way of showing the threat of the wolf, especially because, while he seems not so threatening at first, he is clearly up to no good.

    The encounter with the wolf in the house was also very emotionally driven, where Red has to destroy a piece of her memory and cherished past to protect herself and her future. It’s very cool to see because Red seems so helpless and frightened before she arrives, yet the sight of her dead grandmother, butchered in this terrible way, and the thoughts of all those fond memories made with her, invigorates her with this fighting spirit to overcome this awful, snarling beast.

    This was a fun read and I loved it! You should venture into short stories more! Awesome work!

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  2. Whoa. It feels like the more mature/adult ish version of the story! Before I knew it, I reached the last line. And i like how Little Red is really brave even though she’s internally very scared. 🙂

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