Two souls meeting in a world of many. The odds of their paths crossing slim to none. Souls that fill in the holes of the other. Birds that fly along the same path and always perch on the same line. Thoughts that finish the other’s. A bond formed that surpasses all understanding. Best friends they became. Lovers they are. Beautiful pairings that exist across time and relationships. Soulmates littered about the earth, destined to find their way back to one another. From friendship to family – souls linked so tightly they will withstand the test of time. Souls created for one another spread across nations so that no matter where one may go, a piece of home will always be found.


24 thoughts on “Soulmates

    1. It is an interesting topic. I know many don’t believe in them. To me, you’ve found a soulmate when you meet someone and something instantly clicks. Things are easy and natural from the very beginning. It’s a beautiful thing. 💗

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  1. So many people have already been touched by this piece that I’m not sure I can add anything else to say. It truly is such a beautiful, wonderful sentiment! Finding your soulmate is the most euphoric feeling ever and the way you express it: a home always to be found, a bestfriend by your side, someone who understands you like no other. It’s simply amazing, excellently conveyed. Amazing job!

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  2. While the soulmate destined to find his way back to me is now my husband, I like that you include family and friends as “souls linked so tightly they will withstand the test of time.” Beautifully written!

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