The One Who Sees Me

“You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have seen the One who sees me.” -Genesis 17:13 NIV

To the One who sees me,

On that fateful day, the strings of my heart were pulled. You reached out your hand to me and offered a place to rest my head. A promise you gave to me to love me all of days and to accept the imperfect mess that I am. You promised to never leave me. A God stronger than I will ever be chose to love me. You loved me while my body was still formless. You knew me and all of the places I would walk.

Patiently you waited for me to find my way to you, to come home to where I belong. In your mighty hand I find rest. In you I find my true hope. To you I give all I have to give.

Painfully aware I am that I will never be deserving of you. Thankful I am that you love me anyways. My heart belongs to you forever more. All of my days you will wash me clean with your everlasting love.

You saw me. You continue to see me.

Now I see you, and now I love you.


13 thoughts on “The One Who Sees Me

  1. It’s honestly hard to make a comment on this one. It’s just such a beautiful and powerful piece, and I really love this one! We serve a truly powerful, loving God, and this is an amazing testimony to the love He’s given you. ❤

    Awesome work with this one!

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