Paper Boats

She sails along on paper boats, feeling the water of an imaginary sea glide through the tips of her fingers. Salty air sticks to her skin leaving traces of a scent that never existed. Rocks ahead are bound to tare away the thin stern of her boat, leaving water soaking through the translucent floor.

Into the sea she falls. Her hair cascades around her. Fish nibble at her ankles then disappear like ghosts. The light of day shines into her eyes, as she drowns in a sea of her own imagination.


11 thoughts on “Paper Boats

  1. This is such cool imagery! I love the idea of falling into your own world of imagination and creativity–one that exists just on the other side of this reality. It’s alluring sometimes to just be lost in that world, to just let it take us away. But so often I’m reminded that some of the most beautiful and creative moments come from reality. Another wonderful piece, great job!

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