Birds of a Feather

Aislinn lived amongst the fallen branches of Kapok trees deep in the rainforest. Her home was a small cave with a front door made of leaves.

Almost translucent skin adorned her face, with lips a pouty red and features small but beautiful.

As she awoke every day she placed flowers in her tied up hair. The chilliness of her home was welcomed compared to the smothering heat of the forest. Her only friends were the creatures that many feared. She likened herself to them.

Men and women alike avoided her. Tales spread of a nymph living in a cave among the most deadly. She knew not of why she was cast out, only that she was different than them.

Man was born to inevitable death while she would live a thousand lifetimes. The woman’s face would grow wrinkly with time, but hers would stay smooth. She could crinkle her forehead hundreds of times and no line would embed itself in her face.

Scarlet eyes pierced through the leaves at the front of her cave, watching the forest around her.

Birds flew in flocks on wings of rainbow feathers. They circled around one another in a mystical dance, one that she wished to participate in. Her own flock, was yet to be found.

She retreated into her cave and laid down on her makeshift bed of twigs where she dreamt of flying with her birds of a feather.


14 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather

  1. This was a really cool piece, but so somber as well. It’s a struggle to find one’s flock, one’s birds of a feathers as you’ve beautifully portrayed. I love the imagery here: man’s inevitable death and woman’s fading features, to the colorful birds flying with their own kind. All of this while the mysterious yet beautiful Aislinn is relegated to leaving with crawling critters in her dark cave, only able to dream of a warmer life.

    Awesome work, Lexie! You continue to get better and better at this!

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