Like a daisy, I sway in the breeze.

My petals loosen as the wind picks up speed,

Then they fly away from me.

Pieces of myself scatter in the sky,

Flying away from who I used to be.

Each winter I die away in the cold dirt of the earth,

Only to rise again in the spring.

My life comes and goes in cycles,

Each a new beginning to spread my seeds,

Pollinating a world that grows in green.

I add color that otherwise wouldn’t be seen.


13 thoughts on “Daisy

  1. This is a truly magnificent piece! I absolutely love it! The winds spreading the petals to the sky, both shedding an old part of you but also, like you say with the spreading of the seeds, bringing pieces of you out into the world as you leave little marks on other people.

    Winter are the harsh periods we all face in life, but once we bounce back in the spring we’re more beautiful and stronger than before, with more to offer the world around us. And that line is so so beautiful! Everyone has their unique color to bring to the world. Through their own cycles, their own winds, and their own winters, they spread their colors into the world to make it a wonderfully colorful place.

    You’re a blossoming poet, as well as a story teller and deep thinker. This was a wonderful piece, I loved it so much and really enjoyed it! Awesome job!

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