A lifetime full of roads.

Some leading to darkness and others leading into the light.

In my short years, I’ve traveled many.

Some led me to places I never wanted to go, others have led me to places I’ve always meant to be.

Some I have traveled alone, and others I was led along the way.

The curviest of which has led me here.

It has led me to you.

It was a long road to find the smile I wear on my face, but it was one worth taking.


18 thoughts on “Roads

  1. It’s true that often times there are many ways to get to the same place. But depending on what road you’ve taken or which one’s you’ve been shown, you’ll have a different perspective on your destination. Some paths are hard to walk. Some are easy. Sometimes it takes the harder path to truly appreciate where you end up.

    I’m beyond ecstatic to have taken the paths I have to lead me to you. ❤

    Such a beautiful piece and so wonderfully worded. This one is really rather poetic and so beautiful! Short but precise. Amazing work as always, Lexie!

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