I Belong

I have not always known where I belong. A searching deep within my soul led me down paths with dead ends. My heart led down roads to places never meant to travel. With you, my heart found refuge. A place to rest. A place to be whole.

A place of belonging is where I came to. The place where I wish I would have found long ago – the place I was meant to be. You wrap me in comfort and warmth. I hope to remain there forever. Where I belong, tucked away in your arms.


11 thoughts on “I Belong

  1. You can remain here for as long as you like. Every day I spend with you makes me happier, and I fall deeper in love with you as we go. I know the struggles you’ve been through and I know what your heart has searched for. I could not be happier that you’ve found that in me. Your writing is so beautiful and amazing, and I am so proud to call you mine and to be called yours.

    You make me whole and I cannot possibly imagine myself with anyone other than you. Everything about you drives me crazy, and I love you more than I could ever express, yet you find the absolute most beautiful ways to do it. You are so talented. I can never thank you enough for all you do and I’m happy that I can provide you the place you belong, because you do the same for me. ❤

    Keep up the amazing work!

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    1. I’m happy this piece touched you so much, considering you so clearly inspired it. Thank you for being my biggest fan and always supporting me. You are the best and truly make my heart smile ❤️


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