In darkness I sit,

With shadows dancing across my skin.

Cold air brushes against my cheek.

Only lowly light

Intruding from a solitary window

Seemingly too far away.

I sit with my bones broken,

Bound together only by flesh.

My consciousness fights to stay awake,

Fright is all it truly takes.

A captive in a dungeon of doom,

Alone in the black hole of a room.

What goes in,

Never comes out.

Fading to black,

Never to return to the light.


11 thoughts on “Captive

  1. This was a very neat and creepy poem, definitely different from your brighter and more optimistic ones. Yet it’s just as excellently written! You really do a good job in this simple poem expressing such a dark, creepy vibe, especially with that choice of picture. Awesome job!

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