A beacon in the night,

You summon me.

A sailor’s delight.

Waves crash around you,

Yet you stand ever still.

Your light reflects

Off of darkened,

Emerald shores.

Calling me home



13 thoughts on “Forevermore

  1. I’m really enjoying this short little poems, and they are done so well! I really like the idea that this beacon of light shines no matter how dark it becomes and will always provide a place for you to come home to. Even in the darkest times it seems like some of the brightest lights can be so difficult to find. An interesting way to express this heartwarming notion, and you do it so well! Another amazing job with this one!

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  2. What came to my mind is: God is my lighthouse–a Light in a dark world, my delight (because of the peace, joy, guidance and more he provides). He is rock solid, even when waves of trouble crash over my life. He calls me home to his heart–to sense his presence; one day he will call me home to heaven. Thank you for the beautiful image, Alexis!

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