Burning Light

How bright do you burn?

Flames flicker at your surface,

Yet never dimming.

Temperature so hot,

Even the strongest,

Would turn to ashes

In your atmosphere.

Even so, light years away

You sustain life.

Your rays light paths

Walked by both man and beast.

Without you,

Life would fall into darkness

And then into death.

Still, at such great distance,

Your beams burn our skin.

Starting a fire

That spreads like cancer.

How powerful you are,

Floating ball of fire,

Burning light of life and death.


19 thoughts on “Burning Light

  1. I read this almost as a call to people to become the brightest star they can. Left alone, the amazing prose here beautifully depicts our Sun and its monumental impact, both positive and negative, on our world and its own beauty.

    Under the surface though, I read this as encouraging people to let their lights shine bright enough to lift others up, encourage them, and give them strength, without blotting them out or causing them harm by trying to shine so bright.

    Either way, a very, very beautiful piece. I think you knocked it out of the park with this one!

    Liked by 1 person

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