Dreams Take Flight – New York

A place where lights shine so bright. Buildings reach up and touch an ever changing sky. A sea of people flood the streets, traveling to the beat of their own drum.

For some time I’ve wished to travel here – to get lost amongst the crowd. I want to climb so high on steel platforms that I can reach and almost touch the sky.

I don’t want to call you home, just to visit for a little while. Find a small apartment lined with brick walls. I wish to open my balcony door and let in the sounds of the city – maybe sit on my balcony as nature floods the streets with rain. Sitting with a coffee in one hand and a book in the other, letting the bitter aroma and sounds of turning pages fill the air.

Maybe even find my spot in a coffee shop and resting my fingers on keys. My thoughts making a universe of my own.

Possibilities span as high as the tallest skyscraper. A place where dreams flourish and take flight. A place called New York sounds just right.


9 thoughts on “Dreams Take Flight – New York

  1. Visiting New York would be amazing. The bustling life certainly isn’t for me, but the bright city lights of the night life, the awesome skyscrapers, and just the sheer variety and diversity of the place would be amazing to witness! Getting a skyline view at night would be absolutely breathtaking, I imagine anyway. Maybe we’ll find ourselves there for a short while some time soon! Awesome piece full of cool dreams and neat imagery, nicely woven together to paint a dreamer’s paradise. Nice work!

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