Eye of Creation

I look up,

Into the eye of creation.

The breath of life

Brushes against my cheek.

An expansion so endless

Staring back at me.

My heart pounds

At the endless possibilities

Just behind your iris.

Colors stretch far

Beyond what I can see.

Forces pull our world

In ways we often

Cannot see.

Dreams you hold,

Like an endless sea.

Stories left untold.

Secretes man

Will never understand.

Reach out

And grab my hand.

Show me what lies

Just behind those eyes.

Lead me to

A different land.


14 thoughts on “Eye of Creation

  1. Returning with a bang with this one! This is an awe-inspiring piece with vivid imagery and some nice prose too. It flows so well and naturally. I really like the portrayal of looking up into the night sky as if looking into eye, with a whole universe, literally, of secrets, mystery, magic, and wonders to be discovered. It’s such an enormous feeling that makes me feel so small, yet it’s such a beautiful idea too that I think you really encapsulate so well with this piece! It’s so easy to get lost in the stars and moonlight and just dream about what lies way out in that beautiful, dark, yet colorful expanse that sits above us.

    Awesome job and so beautifully written and conveyed, amazing job! Nice to see you back at it, as well–keep up the excellent work!

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