Among the Stars

Maybe, just maybe,

If I leapt from the ground

The wind would

Take me in flight.

My skin,

Paper thin,

Flowing in the breeze.

A lightness in my soul,

Begging me to go.

My dreams,

Deep in my head

As I sleep

In my bed.

I soar,

And never cease.

I fly,

Oh so high.

I touch the sky

And gravity no longer

Holds me tight.

Higher I go.

Now stars are

All I see.

Planets align

Before my eyes.


The universe lurches forward.

Endless walls grow closer,

Pressing in on me.

Lights begin to flash.

They dash

Around my head.

At once,

The walls merge

With my flesh.

The lights begin to

Flash behind my eyes.

Stars swirl around

In my mind.

Cracks form

Along my arms.

Blinding light escapes through.

In a flash,

I am gone.

Pieces remain

Among the stars.

Find me there.

A flare

In the sun.

A twinkle from

A star.

I burn in the dark.

Seek me

Within your heart.


14 thoughts on “Among the Stars

  1. Wow, so you edited this since I saw it and with that ending I think you wrapped it up wonderfully! This is an outstanding piece! Honestly, the walls closing in and breaking apart from inside gives me some eerie vibes, but just that ending is so beautiful! I absolutely love the last bit. It flows so well! I love the idea of feeling so light you could just jump and let the wind carry you so high, out into the darkness.

    I take it back, I think I like this one better upon second reading ❤ amazing work, as always!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. This is beautiful.
    So, I said I’d respond in my own way to your award nomination. Not sure you got the pingback so check out my response here
    Thank you for the nomination 🤗🌼

    Liked by 1 person

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