I watched your flame

Burn bright

For most of your life.

I saw as the world

Slowly snuffed it out.

Only a small pile

Of ashes remained

I missed seeing the sparkle

In your eyes.

I use to watch you

Closely as you slept

Throughout the night,

Until the day

You began to pull away.

My child,

Where have you gone?

Don’t you know

I will always be

Your home?

Alone I sat,

With my memories of you.

A tingle down in my soul,

Brought me back.

I saw your eyes

From afar.

There it shown

Once more.

Life filled your lungs.

Magic flowed like

A river from your bones.

My name escaped finally

From your lips.

You called me in,

Welcoming me.

Now, in your soul I rest,

Forever, until death.


11 thoughts on “Home

  1. This is such a beautiful piece! Your words paint a very somber, sad picture, but brightens the piece with the confession at the end. How easy it is to stray away from that which wants only the best for us. And you have communicated so effectively how painful that is for Him to experience I believe. Absolutely beautiful! Amazing work!

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