Like a Bee

Maybe I’m sweet as honey,

But I promise I’ll sting

You like a bee.

Please, don’t

Underestimate me.

Do it for your own safety.

My body glows

With brighter light

Than rainbows.

Darkness also bursts

Just beneath my seams.

Don’t run from me,

I beg you please.

Hold me close,

Put my mind at ease.

If you care for me,

Allow me to grow,

I’ll be a force that gives

Breath to all.

Without me,

What life

Would there be?

Place value onto me

And I promise

I’ll return the favor to thee.

Love me now,

And I’ll love you forever

Until the prettiest

Of flowers wither and die.


17 thoughts on “Like a Bee

  1. I can’t quite place why but reading this piece makes me sad and somber. The words seem to illustrate a kind of loving relationship, where someone would give their all for the other so long as their allowed to flourish and grow. At the same time it seems like the speaker is guarded and hostile, willing to hurt even those that would wander too close to them.

    I’m not sure if I’m remotely on the right track with this, but that’s what I got from this otherwise enigmatic poem. It is beautifully written though, with excellent flow and vocabulary that I think punctuates the mood of the piece. The last two sections are particularly powerful and poignant to me. Amazing work, well done!

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  2. Loved the beauty of this read, a powerful message of treating a queen how she deserves to be treated and the treatment will be returned. It’s like the beauty of a rose but not getting to close because of its thorns. The feelings of love you put into a bee and made it the main subject of your piece, a thing of beauty.🌹

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