My Nightmare

There’s a familiarity

In the coldness

Of the space between us.

A ghost of my past

That I once felt.

My fingertips have traced

Lines on phantom skin

Once before.

Never did I think

That skin would become yours.

Spirits of past haunt me still.

Maybe this space is

Simply a gap

Of my own creation.

My fear that the same flame

Will burn me twice.

Only this time from

A much hotter fire.

My fear is that our demons

Will refuse to coexist.

Our fires will merge

Until we turn to ash.

Maybe you don’t see that.

My fear is hidden

Far behind my eyes.

You can’t see the destruction

That so easily comes to life.

I see it.

I feel it.

It terrifies me now.

Visions of what

May never come.

Be still,

Let me lead you

In my nightmare.

See what I see

Now escape with me.


23 thoughts on “My Nightmare

  1. I’d say I’m speechless because I am a bit, but that wouldn’t do justice to the beautiful piece you’ve created. Such powerful language that clearly comes from a deep place. The emotion in this one is really strong and so poignant, but it leaves a window of hope and happiness at the end.

    It’s difficult reconciling demons, but it isn’t impossible and I hope you don’t give up. As you say, the fear of something that may never come can overshadow a bright future just over the horizon, so even in the rough times, keep your head high, and try to find the bright spots in the dark clouds. Amazing and beautiful piece, excellently done!

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