Broken Into Light

My world was surrounded in gray. The light of day mixing with the dark of night. Suddenly, I heard your voice boom forth, only your face was hidden behind the darkness. Your words came out in a way my ears could not perceive. Your purpose of speaking went unknown to me. Again, your voice boomed. In fear, I retreated further into my shell of protection. There I lay hidden.

Forward you came, taking my small shell into your hands. You looked down upon me with softened eyes. Again you spoke, only louder this time. Loud enough that my shell began to crack.

Light began to escape into the forest around me. I crawled towards a small crack to look out, but your voice sent me backwards as my shell shattered.

Falling to the ground, I noticed the light swimming around me. The trees now a vibrant green and the sky a piercing blue. I landed in a bed of wild flowers, a sea of colors. I looked around for my savior, but nowhere could I find him.

In a moment’s time a small, purple butterfly came and landed upon my hand. As I watched it’s wings flutter, a sense of peace came over me.

Suddenly I knew, you were still there with me and always would be.


10 thoughts on “Broken Into Light

  1. Such a lovely, uplifting piece! It’s often the case that when we’re in a dark place, searching for some redemption, it can be scary to find the thing that changes us because it is such a big change. I think this highlights that struggle perfectly.

    Hiding yourself away in a shell is safe, sure, but it hides all the beauty you can bring to the world and all there is to experience outside of such a small, constrained haven. I think you show that contrast perfectly by highlighting the grayness of your world with the bright colors outside. The way the voice remains hidden the entire time, only represented by a purple butterfly at the end, also shows really well how scary it can be to trust the unknown until we have proof in front of us.

    I think the fact that you’ve found your light and come out of your shell is a huge step and an amazing one toward finding your happiness. A really great piece, excellently written! So glad to see you back at this!

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