Beyond the Stars

Under the light of the pale, moonlit sky, I dreamt of you. I saw a secret place for just me and you hidden just beyond the stars. A tiny cottage nestled in trees of evergreen. Here we fall asleep listening to the sounds of all creation.

The dark of night is no longer plagued by monsters and the light of day holds no expectation. Here we live moment by moment, flowing along with the sound of a babbling brook.

Within this secret place, we find our peace. Here we are no longer the sum of what life makes us out to be. Here we are simply us, happy and free.

Beneath the stars I find myself, looking up, leaving my dream once again. Still I remember, that place of peace. I hold it within my heart, until it’s very last beat.

Then I’ll escape once again, to that secret place just beyond the stars. There I’ll be waiting for you, hidden in leaves of evergreen.


24 thoughts on “Beyond the Stars

  1. Excellent work! It’s such a heartwarming piece: leaving behind the world and all of its troubles, embracing yourself without worry for what the world might say or think of you, and to simply be free of everything that could plague your mind. I think the line about looking up into the sky, into the stars, is a really powerful part. I think we can find these secret places anywhere and escape to them whenever we want. It’s just so unfortunate that we can’t stay in them forever. Then again, we’d miss out on all the beauty the world holds for us if we never came back.

    A wonderful piece, Lexie, absolutely beautiful!

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  2. Wonderfully poetic and all of that, but ain’t you there already? Just beyond the stars, I mean? It’s, like, from the point of view of Betelgeuse or Pollux or Proxima Centauri you’re already beyond the stars whilst sitting comfortably in your own back garden. Just saying. 😉
    Love the sentiments, though.

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