Just Awhile

Come back home,

Where the shore meets the land

Where your past is washed away,

Like footprints in the sand.

Come back to me,

Lance your fingers in my hand.

Brush my hair away,

But just a strand.

We can’t stay long,

I hope you understand.

Just for awhile,

As long as time can withstand.


12 thoughts on “Just Awhile

  1. This is so beautiful! One of my new favorites, by far! The imagery, the promise of finding some place to rest, with someone to rest with, if even for a short amount of time. I love the image you’ve painted with these words and the one you’ve chosen to accompany this piece. It’s hard to actually describe what I find so alluring about it, but I simply love it. You always have a way of doing such a fantastic job getting ideas across and themes and images and messages–just outstanding! I think this is an accumulation of all that skill in one short piece, and it’s fantastic.

    Genuinely, I think this is an amazing piece and you have done so well here, and with your blog generally. Keep up the good stuff, and follow your heart!

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