I Remember

Where were you when the sun set? When the sky turned shades of orange and purple but then faded to black?

I remember.

I remember standing there, with wind whistling through my hair. The scent of the salty sea in the air.

I remember indigo rippling along the water as the moon began to rise. Standing there, still, with peaceful serenity in mind.

My world suddenly filled with colors so vibrant they still shown with my eyelids closed. My senses rose to peaks higher than the depth of my deepest valley.

How the sky illuminates from the day to the night. A moment of change God chose to use as a canvas to paint.

I remember, standing there, with nothing left to fear, with the greatest artist at the bow and I at the rear.


13 thoughts on “I Remember

  1. Awesome work! I love the way you paint this picture. It’s such a beautiful thing when we welcome God into our lives, and the feeling of looking back on life without him compared to now really is like seeing new, vibrant colors all the time.

    The transition you illustrate that even in the darkest times He is there for us is truly moving and so beautiful, and very well written and expressed. Another amazing piece, absolutely beautiful!

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  2. You have the power to turn words into unique pieces, I love the words I read on your lovely site. Since you already had the power of a poet as well, you might as well love to join a poetry comeptition based in UK. It is a prestigious annual comp where authors and poets all over the world wait and join. I have tried joining twice but unfortunately didn’t make it, the Manchester Creative Writing Competition gives £10,000 to the winner just try to check on google for the comp if you may wish to join. It might not be too late till the deadline this Sep. but if you join I wish you’d win😊

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