Long Time No Write

Hi to all of my writing friends! Life has knocked me around by a thousand different waves within the past months and I have been neglecting my passion, per usual. I miss writing, and I miss my writers community, avid readers, and WordPress friends so much!

Good news, though! I have officially begun editing my collection of short stories that I have been sitting on for a year now! My niche that I have fallen into is tragedy. I find myself fascinated by the darker parts of life and how even in those darkest places we can find beauty.

My collection of short stories consists of 3 stories and two poems. All of which have female main characters and are, of course, tragedies.

I poured so much of my own emotion into writing them and I can’t wait to finally share them with the world. I especially can’t wait to share them with you!

With that said, be on the lookout for updates from me. Within the coming weeks I hope to have my first ever published book, fingers crossed!


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