My Journey with Ruth

Something I created just to give a little insight on the book.

My journey writing Ruth: A Collection of Stories of Sorrow, Grief, and Regret began a little over two years ago. I wrote the story With Love, Always when I first decided to really dig into writing. This was actually one of the first short stories I had ever written. This story really made me fall in love with writing. I actually remember crying when writing certain parts of the story. As much emotion as I could muster was poured into Darla’s character and her story.

Over a year later I decided to throw myself back into writing. I wrote Unrecognizable and Ruth fairly close together. Both of which I also poured as much emotion into as I could. I got lost in my imagination bringing life to Bridget and Ruth’s characters and their stories.

This book is the definition of a debute book. It’s not perfect, I know that. My hope is that it’s just the beginning of something great. It’s the beginning of my love for writing and creating stories. I hope to only travel up from here.

Writing really is something special. For as long as I can remember it’s been my strongest form of self expression. I truly love it with a passion and I can’t wait to see where this journey as a published author takes me.

Thanks, friends, for the continuous support.


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