My Nightmare

There’s a familiarity

In the coldness

Of the space between us.

A ghost of my past

That I once felt.

My fingertips have traced

Lines on phantom skin

Once before.

Never did I think

That skin would become yours.

Spirits of past haunt me still.

Maybe this space is

Simply a gap

Of my own creation.

My fear that the same flame

Will burn me twice.

Only this time from

A much hotter fire.

My fear is that our demons

Will refuse to coexist.

Our fires will merge

Until we turn to ash.

Maybe you don’t see that.

My fear is hidden

Far behind my eyes.

You can’t see the destruction

That so easily comes to life.

I see it.

I feel it.

It terrifies me now.

Visions of what

May never come.

Be still,

Let me lead you

In my nightmare.

See what I see

Now escape with me.

Like a Bee

Maybe I’m sweet as honey,

But I promise I’ll sting

You like a bee.

Please, don’t

Underestimate me.

Do it for your own safety.

My body glows

With brighter light

Than rainbows.

Darkness also bursts

Just beneath my seams.

Don’t run from me,

I beg you please.

Hold me close,

Put my mind at ease.

If you care for me,

Allow me to grow,

I’ll be a force that gives

Breath to all.

Without me,

What life

Would there be?

Place value onto me

And I promise

I’ll return the favor to thee.

Love me now,

And I’ll love you forever

Until the prettiest

Of flowers wither and die.

Among the Stars

Maybe, just maybe,

If I leapt from the ground

The wind would

Take me in flight.

My skin,

Paper thin,

Flowing in the breeze.

A lightness in my soul,

Begging me to go.

My dreams,

Deep in my head

As I sleep

In my bed.

I soar,

And never cease.

I fly,

Oh so high.

I touch the sky

And gravity no longer

Holds me tight.

Higher I go.

Now stars are

All I see.

Planets align

Before my eyes.


The universe lurches forward.

Endless walls grow closer,

Pressing in on me.

Lights begin to flash.

They dash

Around my head.

At once,

The walls merge

With my flesh.

The lights begin to

Flash behind my eyes.

Stars swirl around

In my mind.

Cracks form

Along my arms.

Blinding light escapes through.

In a flash,

I am gone.

Pieces remain

Among the stars.

Find me there.

A flare

In the sun.

A twinkle from

A star.

I burn in the dark.

Seek me

Within your heart.


I watched your flame

Burn bright

For most of your life.

I saw as the world

Slowly snuffed it out.

Only a small pile

Of ashes remained

I missed seeing the sparkle

In your eyes.

I use to watch you

Closely as you slept

Throughout the night,

Until the day

You began to pull away.

My child,

Where have you gone?

Don’t you know

I will always be

Your home?

Alone I sat,

With my memories of you.

A tingle down in my soul,

Brought me back.

I saw your eyes

From afar.

There it shown

Once more.

Life filled your lungs.

Magic flowed like

A river from your bones.

My name escaped finally

From your lips.

You called me in,

Welcoming me.

Now, in your soul I rest,

Forever, until death.

Eye of Creation

I look up,

Into the eye of creation.

The breath of life

Brushes against my cheek.

An expansion so endless

Staring back at me.

My heart pounds

At the endless possibilities

Just behind your iris.

Colors stretch far

Beyond what I can see.

Forces pull our world

In ways we often

Cannot see.

Dreams you hold,

Like an endless sea.

Stories left untold.

Secretes man

Will never understand.

Reach out

And grab my hand.

Show me what lies

Just behind those eyes.

Lead me to

A different land.

We Need Change

Today my heart breaks. It breaks for a man who was taken from this world by another. So many saw your cries, yet no one heard. You laid there with another man’s weight on your neck, begging for you mother’s help. The words, “I can’t breathe,” now a fraise that’s haunting.

My heart breaks for you, your family, your community. Our world, our country, lays in shambles. We need help. We need change. This can’t be accepted as our “normal.” Are we not better than this? Is one man’s life not as valuable as another?

I can’t stand this. I can’t stand the evil that man is capable of. God help us. Save us from ourselves.

George Floyd, may your soul rest In peace in a place much better than this.

Masks of Day

What brings you comfort

In the night?

Is it your blanket

That you hold so tight?

Or is it your night light

That keeps you from fright?

When you lay down your head

Do you forget

About the monsters

That lie beneath your bed?

Or do you still fear

The waking of the dead?

Do you pray

For the light of day,

Knowing that the evils

Will soon be at bay?

Do those same

Demons not prowl,

When rays of sun

Are shining proud?

Only at the break of day,

Masks hide their face.

To our dismay,

The darkness may

Never leave us.

Dreams Take Flight – New York

A place where lights shine so bright. Buildings reach up and touch an ever changing sky. A sea of people flood the streets, traveling to the beat of their own drum.

For some time I’ve wished to travel here – to get lost amongst the crowd. I want to climb so high on steel platforms that I can reach and almost touch the sky.

I don’t want to call you home, just to visit for a little while. Find a small apartment lined with brick walls. I wish to open my balcony door and let in the sounds of the city – maybe sit on my balcony as nature floods the streets with rain. Sitting with a coffee in one hand and a book in the other, letting the bitter aroma and sounds of turning pages fill the air.

Maybe even find my spot in a coffee shop and resting my fingers on keys. My thoughts making a universe of my own.

Possibilities span as high as the tallest skyscraper. A place where dreams flourish and take flight. A place called New York sounds just right.

Burning Light

How bright do you burn?

Flames flicker at your surface,

Yet never dimming.

Temperature so hot,

Even the strongest,

Would turn to ashes

In your atmosphere.

Even so, light years away

You sustain life.

Your rays light paths

Walked by both man and beast.

Without you,

Life would fall into darkness

And then into death.

Still, at such great distance,

Your beams burn our skin.

Starting a fire

That spreads like cancer.

How powerful you are,

Floating ball of fire,

Burning light of life and death.


A beacon in the night,

You summon me.

A sailor’s delight.

Waves crash around you,

Yet you stand ever still.

Your light reflects

Off of darkened,

Emerald shores.

Calling me home