My Journey with Ruth

Something I created just to give a little insight on the book.

My journey writing Ruth: A Collection of Stories of Sorrow, Grief, and Regret began a little over two years ago. I wrote the story With Love, Always when I first decided to really dig into writing. This was actually one of the first short stories I had ever written. This story really made me fall in love with writing. I actually remember crying when writing certain parts of the story. As much emotion as I could muster was poured into Darla’s character and her story.

Over a year later I decided to throw myself back into writing. I wrote Unrecognizable and Ruth fairly close together. Both of which I also poured as much emotion into as I could. I got lost in my imagination bringing life to Bridget and Ruth’s characters and their stories.

This book is the definition of a debute book. It’s not perfect, I know that. My hope is that it’s just the beginning of something great. It’s the beginning of my love for writing and creating stories. I hope to only travel up from here.

Writing really is something special. For as long as I can remember it’s been my strongest form of self expression. I truly love it with a passion and I can’t wait to see where this journey as a published author takes me.

Thanks, friends, for the continuous support.


Growing up

Once upon a time, things were simpler. Life was less scary. Dreams at night were scarier than reality.

As a child, many night I would lay awake at night dreading the day I grew up. I dreaded the unknown and the fear of facing it alone. I was petrified of what life would be like out from under the protection of my parents. I dreaded the day that my imagination wouldn’t be my greatest tool in my tool chest. I dreaded the day when I would be forced to interact with strangers who might not have the best intentions for me. I was afraid of not having someone to hold my hand through the unknown and guide my way. I was mainly afraid of having to make decisions on my own and having to face the consequences of those decisions

To this day, I often get sad about growing up. Every time I get nostalgia it leaves a bitter sweet taste. I miss those days of looking at the world through the eyes of a child. I miss when my biggest worry was if I missed my favorite show on TV. Of course as a kiddo with anxiety, I always had greater worries than that, but still. I miss that.

The worst part of growing up is the fact that kids don’t know how to just enjoy being kids. They worry, often just as much as adults. They worry about the unknown.

If, for only a day, I could go back here’s what I would do. I would hug my parents longer. I’d spend so much more time lost in my own imagination. I would spend less time worrying about growing up and I would enjoy being young.

My wish is this; that kids could just be kids. That’s all.


To the half that makes me whole,

Right from the start you’ve made me feel safe.

You became my security blanket on the nights that it felt like the monsters were going to take me away.

You brought light into my life when all there was was darkness.

You quickly donned a cape and became my superhero.

You shine in your armor, my knight.

At one time, it’s hard to imagine I didn’t even know you. Now I can’t imagine this world without you.

When I grow cold you are there to keep me warm.

When my eyes refuse to rest you are there to lull me back to sleep.

When I forgot who I am you are there to remind me I am strong and I am capable.

You are there to help give life to my dreams.

You are the reason I wear my smile so bright.

For you, I am forever grateful.

Sneak Peak

Hey, friends! Here is a sneak peak from my book, Ruth: A Collection of Stories of Sorrow, Grief, and Regret. It is currently available on Amazon! I’m impatiently waiting on paperback copies to be in stock, but the ebook is available and is free with kindle unlimited!

All reads, shares, and reviews are very appreciated!

Love y’all!

Let the Light In

Each day we rise with a new day spread out on the horizon.

New light begins to flood the land surrounding us.

Shades of orange and yellow paint the sky just before the blue takes hold.

Sweet rays of sun warm our flesh as the sun rises higher and higher.

A brand new day, with brand new light.

Let it in.

Let it fill your bones.

Let it make you shine.

Ruth: A Collection of Stories

Hi, friends! My book is officially available on Amazon. It’s currently only available as an ebook until I get the formatting down for my paperback cover (stay tuned).

If you love tragic stories with some drama check it out! I am so excited about this and still can’t believe I actually did it!

All things are possible! Keep dreaming, friends. They really do some true sometimes!

Below is the link! Happy reading

Long Time No Write

Hi to all of my writing friends! Life has knocked me around by a thousand different waves within the past months and I have been neglecting my passion, per usual. I miss writing, and I miss my writers community, avid readers, and WordPress friends so much!

Good news, though! I have officially begun editing my collection of short stories that I have been sitting on for a year now! My niche that I have fallen into is tragedy. I find myself fascinated by the darker parts of life and how even in those darkest places we can find beauty.

My collection of short stories consists of 3 stories and two poems. All of which have female main characters and are, of course, tragedies.

I poured so much of my own emotion into writing them and I can’t wait to finally share them with the world. I especially can’t wait to share them with you!

With that said, be on the lookout for updates from me. Within the coming weeks I hope to have my first ever published book, fingers crossed!


What a world, full of fabrication.

Robots fueled by social media and late night news.

Here we live in a place where independent thought and opinion is frowned upon by the majority.

There would be no shock if compliance became mandatory.

A world where freedom doesn’t seem entirely free.

Here we fall, down into an Orwellian society.



Something that begins at such a young age yet changes meaning a dozen times.

We begin to walk, yet stumble on building blocks.

Minds fall down the rabbit hole of a thousand synapses.

Leaves of autumn take their fatal decent from their tree of life.

Rain races from a darkened sky and pounds the ground below.

Blankets of snow land on their runway of frozen grass.

We fall to our knees in praise of whatever our soul believes in.

All of these ways to fall, and somehow I fell for you.

I Remember

Where were you when the sun set? When the sky turned shades of orange and purple but then faded to black?

I remember.

I remember standing there, with wind whistling through my hair. The scent of the salty sea in the air.

I remember indigo rippling along the water as the moon began to rise. Standing there, still, with peaceful serenity in mind.

My world suddenly filled with colors so vibrant they still shown with my eyelids closed. My senses rose to peaks higher than the depth of my deepest valley.

How the sky illuminates from the day to the night. A moment of change God chose to use as a canvas to paint.

I remember, standing there, with nothing left to fear, with the greatest artist at the bow and I at the rear.