Artist: Mario Sanchez Nevado

Maddening thoughts engulfed his mind, burning through the core of his being. So many thoughts that weren’t his own distorted his spirit. No escape from the fiery inferno within himself. Reality slipped away as the flames grew brighter and his world grew darker. The roar of the crimson flames grew in intensity as the they burst out from within him. Cracking embers fell on his skin. Smoke rose up into the atmosphere like a smoke signal, only his SOS remained unseen. He became immersed in the flames until only ashes remained.


4 thoughts on “Engulfed

  1. It’s easy to let your thoughts, or the intrusive thoughts of others, drag you down. This idea of this fire burning you from within and smothering you completely engulfing you until you’re not even your own person bears so much weight in reality. And that line of an SOS going unseen; it’s disheartening to see someone clearly struggling against themselves being overlooked, especially by the people they trust most. A deeply emotional piece and outstanding work!

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