Something that begins at such a young age yet changes meaning a dozen times.

We begin to walk, yet stumble on building blocks.

Minds fall down the rabbit hole of a thousand synapses.

Leaves of autumn take their fatal decent from their tree of life.

Rain races from a darkened sky and pounds the ground below.

Blankets of snow land on their runway of frozen grass.

We fall to our knees in praise of whatever our soul believes in.

All of these ways to fall, and somehow I fell for you.


4 thoughts on “Falling

  1. It’s so nice to see you writing once again! And a strong return, too. This was such a beautiful and well written piece. The way each fall represents something different each time, from a setback or a somber scene, to a beautiful sight or soul saving conviction. All to end on a surprise yet wonderful fall, the one that is the most impactful and beautiful of any of them. Finding that one you can fall for, without fear of ever hitting the ground or falling away, is the greatest feeling ever. And with all of these falls, even when they seem to be bad or joyless, there are still lessons to be learned or beauty beauty to be found. Such a beautiful piece, excellent work!

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