Black as Night

A crow as black as night,

Your feathers shimmer in the light

Of a moon so bright.

Mysteries soar along your wings

While you are in flight.

An omen that cause many to shiver

In fright.

Others see you and smile with delight

At your beauty, as black as night


11 thoughts on “Black as Night

  1. Such a dark and mysterious piece, it really reminds me of more Gothic like themes and styles. An interesting focus too–a crow of all things, to find beauty in even when others see something more akin to despair. And such an excellent way to express it too, focusing on the beauty of the bird in the moonlight and as it takes flight. A neat little piece, and I love to see your poet side being explored more, too!

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  2. This is beautiful. Recently I had seen an animated video on a Red Indian story on crow which tells that it used to be the most beautiful bird in the forest with the sweetest voice. But when it got too cold and his friends in the jungle couldn’t take it anymore, it flew to the sun to get fire. In the process it got scorched and also lost its voice. This is the reason that even though crow is black the sheen on its feathers is unmatchable.

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